Introducing: Chloe

Tacoma Narrows
View of the Tacoma Narrows Bridges

Chloe Marwood grew up in the Pacific Northwest. It was always her dream to work in the live concert industry. It took breaking into an environment fiercely dominated by men and not just any men, but the good ol’ “this is how we do things around here” kind of men. She runs circles around those guys and for only a portion of the pay, but she knew what she was getting herself into. Now she travels all over the world living her dream.

Her family business keeps her busy with side work; that’s the job that keeps her up a night. Keeping her place in the line of successful contract killers is so much more difficult than it seems. For generations the family has perfected their professional demeanor. Chloe has had a lifetime of training for this job, but she’s having the worst time trying to fit in with her own family. The family that loves her.

The Chloe Marwood books will be a series of six and a few short stories just for fun. The first book will be released soon.

Author: christinascerra

Wifey. Writer. Gardener. Cat Mommy.

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